Am I behind?

I feel like I'm surrounded with people who are way ahead of me. Everyone seems to have it all figured out at 20, yet here I am still trying to find my place. Old people say “you're so young you have nothing to worry about” but I can't just not worry. The more time I am not yet “something”, the less hope people have for me. I realized many people see me as a kind, clueless, and stupid person who has no strategy in life. The clueless part may be a bit true, but I really am still figuring it out. I want to be part of something with a lot of impact and I want to be passionate. That's what makes me feel doubtful of everything the sparks my curiosity. I have spent around 7 months looking for direction. I know my mistake: I haven't taken action. I kept listening to “rules to follow in life”, “tips to be successful”, “how to have mental toughness”, and all the self help advice I needed. It's time to actually try and work something out for myself. This year has to be the year I take action and test who I really am.