Turning a year older...

I turned 33 last week. My journey through 32 was one of discovery, reigniting passions, becoming better at what I do etc.

The first couple of years of the 30s were filled with anger, confusion, worrying about missing out on what the world had to offer. 32 was about realizing that it's alright to be at peace with what I have, and it's alright to cut out toxicity from my life. I quit using traditional social media on a regular basis towards the latter part of the year, which did a whole deal of good for my mental health. I spent more time with my son than I did before. I cooked a lot of delicious meals, went out with family more, understood my partner better etc.

Being away from the toxicity meant that I was getting less angry, the stress at work was manageable, I made more rational decisions, and found time where I'd have found none in the past.

I was more cautious with money too. Spent where needed, saved where I could. That gave me a peace of mind like nothing before.

I documented my mood every day with an app called Year in Pixels. There were quite a few “light green” days which meant the year was overall a happy one with very few extremely sad days.

The plan for 33-34 is to continue on this journey to being a better person than I was. Maybe, I should reach out to friends from the past with whom I haven't been in touch for several years. I think I can also be better in delegating things at work instead of wanting to fix problems myself. That would give me even more time to enjoy what I do and also leave room for growing even more.