Of social distancing, human stupidity, selfishness etc.

The recent outbreak of corona virus disease, and the response of humanity has brought about serious questions about our preparedness, general nature etc. What started off as concern for the Chinese has spread to become this uncontainable monster that is seemingly threatening to change life for good. The last time something like this happened on a global level, I was 14, and 9/11 happened.

The current situation is dire, and while much of it is because of the lot of unknowns surrounding the disease itself, the human nature is a lot to blame for it too.

In a world driven by profits, greed etc, several employers have put the health of their employees on the backburner while repeating and reiterating that they have utmost care for the well being of their “family”. Many roles that can be done remotely are still being performed from offices.

The phrases going around is social distancing and self isolation. Us humans seem to find those two very difficult to understand and have been putting ourselves in danger, as well as others.

What else explains individuals not reporting their travel history correctly upon return, or people going out soon after getting back home from travel without going through the mandated 14 days of quarantine? Then there are those who think what the world leaders are doing are masterstrokes, and scientific that's beyond the understanding of an average human being, while those leaders are only trying to hold onto their fortresses with empty rhetoric and very little action.

If and when this all ends, I wish we all take a real hard look at ourselves as a race and how we behaved when we were faced with a problem that didn't distinguish on religion, colour, nationality etc and hopefully find answers that undo the wrongs we've managed to build up as an ideal society.

Because as I see it now, the structures that exist now are clearly uncapable.