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Home Service Business Coach With David Moerman

Practical tips to grow your home service business and transition from Technician to CEO in your home service business. This podcast is all about getting your business serving you and not the other way around.

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Home Service Business Owners Podcast – Paul Maskill

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from protodrew

If you are reading this its likely because you've been redirected from my bare bones website and are wondering why it looks so simple. Here I'll outline when I'm going to spiff it up, and what tools I'll be throwing on my Rockpro64 to make it cool.

So college is wrapping up which means finals which means less time for personal projects :/ you might have noticed my output on projects has been way lower than normal, hopefully that will increase soon. Since then, I've set up my rockpro64 SBC to act as a little server, but I'm hesitant to move everything there yet. Basically because I'm going to be moving to [REDACTED] from [REDACTED] and so the server will have some necessary downtime for a few weeks while I set up shop in my new city.

With this in mind, I'm keeping my stuff on the few platforms I'm on, and I'll move to my home server in mid-July when I'm set up in [REDACTED]. Now lets talk about the services I'm using and what my future plans are regarding both the website and the services I'm hosting.

First, I'm going to be using yunohost because while I have a passing knowledge of system administration and could do all of that myself, I have no real interest to spend time troubleshooting web stuff all the time.

Now lets move on to the apps. The landing page will just be static HTML/CSS, then I will be self-hosting writefreely for my blog which I chose for its fediverse integration. Then I'm going to start self-hosting git via gitea for all my personal projects, and operating an invidious instance to securely access YouTube without dealing with as much traffic from the more popular instances.

For some smaller services I'm using I'm going to have tinytinyrss for rss, distbin to host code snippets for devlogs and tutorials I'm planning on making in the future, searx for searching on the web, and Bitwarden to host my passwords.

So that's my list of services. If I have extra processing power knocking around I'll throw a little mastodon instance on it for me and some friends, but we will have to see.


from solarbluejay

I don't particularly know why I want to write about this. Perhaps because I'm proud of myself for letting it go. I felt beautiful wearing it and it's full of good memories.

But also, I'm not going to wear it again. If my husband and I do a vow renewal, if I get married again, or if I/we find another partner who wants to have a wedding, I'll wear something different. Probably in red. It was a fantastic wedding dress, but like most wedding dresses, it's one wear only. (Well, two in my case, because we had the reception two weeks after the ceremony and I wore the dress for both.)

As I've gotten older, I've started to care less and less about making money off my stuff. I used to sell everything on Facebook Marketplace, but (coupled with my desire to get away from Facebook altogether), I've started giving things away on Freecycle + Trash Nothing. It only seemed right that I give away my dress.

It was suprisingly hard to find a charity I actually wanted to give my dress to. I eventually decided on Cherie Sustainable Bridal, who will resell my dress and use the proceeds to give clothes to people who need something professional for job interviews. It feels right and kind of freeing to let go of things, especially something this big, in a way that will benefit others.