Seasonal Theme 2020: Fall

​ You might have noticed that although my previous seasonal theme post promised 2 updates, none came and no Summer theme was announced either. I took the summer for a time of personal reconciliation both by settling my affairs and preparing for the move to college, and spiritually through long bouts of meditation and personal fulfillment. You don't need me to tell you that this has been a crazy year, so taking a break from unnecessary labor seemed necessary. However, I believe the fall is the perfect time to begin my second seasonal theme of the year while I am packing to leave to college as I write this.

The theme of fall 2020 is


First off I want to qualify that this does not mean forgiveness in the form of forgiving others (although that is an important thing to do), but rather forgiveness in the way water is able to morph and fill in the cracks in its environment.

My Goals for the Season of Forgiveness

  1. Do not set arbitrary deadlines, and continue working on something even if the deadline has passed.
  2. Be willing to defer to those around me as we as a community navigate this difficult time
  3. Adapt my work style and expected output to the environment I am in.

​ I chose the for forgiveness over flexibility intentionally. While flexible objects are able to snap back into their original state once no longer under stress, forgiving objects maintain the most optimal course for their goals rather than attempting to return to a previous form.

The Books I will Work Through During the Fall of Forgiveness