The Debord-Buendía Program

This is a set of loosely defined rules that are designed to create magic in mundanity and embrace absurdism and transcendentalism. created by hyperlink and sel in s2e2 of their podcast haha yeah

1. Upon waking attempt to record a dream, invent one otherwise

2. When walking notice nothing

3. When sitting, notice the hollow weight of the day and ask yourself where you would rather be, ask yourself if there is a way to rapidly construct where you would rather be immediate, ask yourself what you can do in the meantime.

4. 1 hour after eating meals, reconcile your body's parasympathetic dreaming with your forebrain
rationality through expressive action (visual art, writing, audio, hooting and howling, drilling with a firearm, sketching the shape of the space you inhabit).

5. When entering your home, move directly to your room and mark your intuitive awareness of the world outside around in ink on the floor by the bed. This is paramount, the brain is reconciling its shift from working, existing in public, and existing in private space; why aren't you doing the same?

6. Consume a piece of challenging dreamwork every single day Jodorowsky Great Surrealists 5 Pages of Magical Realisms 100 Years of Solitude The Situationist International

If you do this every single day nothing will happen that you could notice that will happen anywhere else.