Animal Crossing Thoughts

Overall I have really been enjoying ACNH so far and am extremely excited to sink as much time into it as I did New Leaf. Here are my thoughts after about 10 hours.

The Great

- The art style is incredibly charming and the music accompanies both it and the island setting amazingly. - The voice chatter is charming and refined, and the tonal differences between both the animals and what they are doing (speaking through a PA, talking to someone else) is a great continuation of what it has been. - The core gameplay loop is very faithful to the originals (which I love but you might not), but they have given you more to do with the products of those activities. - Diversity in gender, both in its fluidity and lack of denotation, is super nice, it is far removed from gendering the words cool and cute in New Leaf to denote what gender the player has at the start.

The Meh

The Bad