Nokia 6.1 – A pleasant surprise.

I have mostly been an iOS user, venturing into android was not new to me as I have done it in the past, but it didn't pan out that well as my first android device was a Redmi Note 3. I ended up selling it in 6 months due to call quality issues and software bugs. My next device was an iPhone SE which I held on to a for a couple of years till I broke the display, so I was on the market for a new phone, seeing the steep price of iPhones made me revisit android, since I didn't want to spend too much I ended up buying a Nokia 6.1 (2018) 4gb+64gb variant for ₹7649 on flipkart.

So what made me review this phone is how good it is for the price.

Look and feel

It feels solid in the hand as it made from unibody aluminium. It doesn't feel like a budget device, although it does have bezels I don't mind them that much. The cobalt blue variant was my favourite among the colours available.

The basics

My requirements from a phone were simple; a good battery life, decent performance, clean software, full hd display and the dying headphone jack. I didn't forget about the camera, it is not a priority for me as I mostly use a stand alone camera, if it is a priority for you, do not buy this phone as it does not have a good camera. Nokia 6.1 delivers on all these fronts with no issues except for the camera. The battery lasts a whole day easily for most use cases, the phone performs day to day tasks without major lags, ram management is something which could have been done better as apps do reload a bit frequently. The phone's full HD display, displays colours accurately though you can't expect AMOLED quality in a LCD panel, in outdoor use the display gets bright enough and can be seen without any problems. The software is clean except for the Evenwell system management apps, which run in the background.

Other features

Though the phone released in 2018 features included like Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, USB-Type C port, add to the value and longevity of the device. Nokia also promised 2 major OS updates and it delivered as promised. My phone is currently running Android 10. It also comes with a fast charger in the box.

Call quality

The call quality of the phone is great, I had no problems hearing people, or being heard on the other end. The phone now has VoWifi support from Airtel and Jio in addition to VoLTE, so you will seldom have call quality issues.


The phone has a single bottom firing speaker which is a downgrade from the previous generation Nokia 6 and it also doesn't have the Dolby Atmos which the Nokia 6 had, not a deal breaker for me as I mostly use headphones. The speaker does the job but it is nothing to write home about. The phone also has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, which I still use.


If you are looking for a gaming device, I would say look elsewhere. I am not saying Nokia 6.1 cannot run games but if you are some one who plays games a lot of the time, I would say this is not the device for you.


Some people have reported issues with the Type-C port but I have not faced any such issues till date. The issue is with the 6.1 plus and not the 6.1. The phone got warm when fast charging but otherwise no heating issues.


Not every phone is right for everyone, you must know what are your requirements and buy accordingly instead of being swayed away by fancy features that you don't really need like a high refresh rate display, 10 cameras, 64gb ram etc. If you are someone who likes to stream content, browse, read, make a lot of calls, the Nokia 6.1 might just be the right phone for you. If you can get a good deal this is a solid phone to buy even in 2020 though be aware that it won't be getting any further OS updates.

P.S : This is not a technical review with deep insights into performance and specs, this is just my experience with the phone having used it for 9 months.