Elote / Mexican Street Corn Recipe

This tasty recipe makes use of bold Mexican Spices to create a tasty and easy side dish that can be served cold or hot

Serves 20: Scale up as needed

Total Time ~45 minutes

Idle Time ~10 minutes


Optional Ingredients


If using frozen corn, defrost the corn and put on a sheet pan. Broil until some kernels show light browning.

If you are using fresh corn, shuck and place over a grill or gas burner until some light browning occurs. Then cut the kernels off of the cob by running a sharp knife down against the cob.

If you are using onions and/or peppers, chop into small pieces and cook on medium-low in a pan until they are slightly caramelized (~15 minutes)

Place the kernels into a large foil pan or whatever you plan on taking to food not bombs, then mix together all listed ingredients. Crumble the queso fresco in, juice the limes, and add a few dashes of liquid smoke if you have it on hand. Add the mayo and melted butter along with the spices, salt, pepper, and optional MSG, then combine with gloved hands or a rubber spatula until homogeneous.

Taste for seasoning then optionally place in a 200f oven if you wish to serve warm. The dish works perfectly well room temperature and pairs well with fluffy white bread, Bean and Cheese burritos, or vegetarian chili.