This Cocktail Removes Headaches and Hangovers

Creating a unique cocktail for spyware removal, LogiGuard now offers another powerful and easy-to-use tool for protection in the battle for your privacy on the internet, the SpyPry anti-spyware cocktail mix.

Most internet users are now quite familiar with Spyware and the nasty implications from being infected and the potential for some huge headaches that Spyware can cause. Just as its name implies, the user is “spied on.” The “spies” target user shopping patterns, websites visited and even gather information that could lead to identity theft. So what's new? LogiGuard now offers another powerful and easy-to-use tool for protection in the battle for your privacy on the internet (see for details).

LogiGuard is pleased to announce the spyware removal program, SpyPry, as the newest tool to use in the fight against Spyware. Offering tools for internet security is LogiGuard's main objective and market responsibility. LogiGuard's SpyPry is perhaps one of the web's most aggressive tactics for picking up traces of RATs (Remote Access Trojans). RATs are system applications that give a hacker a measure of control over your PC, as if the hacker was at your keyboard. However, not all RATs are malicious. and many other such legitimate sites offer applications which will allow remote access to one's work computer while away from the office.

Spyware removal programs may highlight this item to be removed. Those using SpyPry software will need to be cautious when identifying threats to be removed after scanning results are completed. SpyPry's unique algorithm is extremely powerful. From the registry to the remote regions of the disk, users will appreciate the sensitivity of the SpyPry package.

Cybersecurity experts recommend using SpyPry in combination with a reliable VPN service, for example, this:  This measure will further enhance your protection against malware and spyware.

Additionally, the LogiGuard team promotes the concept of spyware removal cooperation. That is, no single spyware program can possibly remove all Spyware (avoid any product marketed as such). Since Spyware is continually customized and engineered quite differently than any other Malware, Spyware often passes virus scanners as harmless or even welcomed guests mistaken for search tools, cute icons, cool screensavers and a myriad of other fun but potentially damaging applications. So it is up to those in the security industry, the users, and the technical reviewers to contribute to the database of known spyware applications to create a larger directory and more anti-spyware tools than the spyware designers themselves. Indeed, it is a vicious internet battle for your safety and your privacy.

A good mix of anti-spyware programs should be grouped together and applied at alternate times, indeed creating a unique cocktail for spyware removal. For a powerful mix of software to assist you with your spyware removal needs, may LogiGuard suggests the following: 1/3 part Microsoft Beta AntiSpy (formerly Giant Antispy), 1/3 part SpyBot and of course a healthy splash of SpyPry. Shaken, not stirred... to be sure. And the best part, as these are all freeware programs, this drink is on the house (though tips and donations are always appreciated).